Friday, May 28, 2021

Every business has an ideal or dream client in their mind when they start. Do you know who your dream client is? How will knowing them help you grow your business?

When I first heard about profiling my dream client, the first thought that came to my mind was - okay, but I have just started and I want to sell to as many people as I can; so how can I narrow down to just one person as my dream client?
But then gradually I realized, I can sell to as many people as I want to, but I will design for my dream client. I will speak their language. I will be at the places where they are. I will appeal to them. And that helped me grown my business manyfold. I went from zero customers to being the busiest booth at the local craft fair. I went from being an unknown quilter in a quaint little town in India to a Brand Ambassador for three leading companies in the Quilting world!
How did I do that? I created my dream client profile and started speaking to them.
Do you want to create your Dream Client profile? Take a piece of paper and imagine who is it that you want to buy your products. You might have made thousands of sales by now or maybe this is your first product. It does not matter. When you made your product, who was in your mind as the end user? You can even use an existing customer if you think they are the ideal customer for you. Now answer the following questions about them.
What is their gender?
How old are they?
Where do they live?
Are they single or married?
Do they have a family?
What does their family look like?
What is their occupation?
What is their yearly income?
How does their regular day look like?
How do they best like to stay in touch?
What are the places that they frequent regularly?
What are their hobbies?
Are they a part of any groups or social circles?
Where do they hang out with family?
Where do they hang out with friends?
What are their favorite magazines?
What is their favorite social media platform?
What are their top 10 favorite accounts on that social media?
Do they read blogs? Write their 5 favorite ones.
What are their favorite shopping places?
What are their favorite online shopping places?
Who do they idolize?
Where do they spend their vacations?
What do they consider or think about before they buy anything?
What do they consider or think about before they buy from you?
What is the most important thing for them in life?
What is the most important criteria for them when they are buying products that you make?
You can add as many question to this as you want to make the picture so clear that you can go into a crowded space and pick your ideal client just by looking at them.
How will this help you in your business?
1. It will help you design better products. Now that you know what your dream client wants, it will be easier to design products by taking their needs and likes into consideration.
2. It will help you write product descriptions. Knowing what they consider before buying your product, will help you word your product descriptions so that their requirements are addressed and communicated.
3. It will help you to directly talk to your dream client. You know what they read and enjoy, so you can also read what they are reading and make sure that your language is similar so that your products will appeal to them.
4. It will help you be in the right places. It will help you be in the places that they frequent so that your product gets the maximum visibility.
5. It will help you target ads. If you have ever used targeted ads on social media you will know how much knowing in detail about your ideal client will help you target the ads to a smaller percentage and increasing the conversion rate.
5. It will help your business grow. An ideal customer profile can do wonderful for your business. As you start speaking to them, your following will gradually start filling with people who roughly match that profile. So every product you make will look like it is custom-made for them. Customer satisfaction will skyrocket and so will your business.
Remember that by creating your ideal client profile you are not excluding those who do not fit it, but you are attracting those clients that make you happy to serve.
Do you already have a client that fits in your ideal client profile? Or are you working on an imaginary one. Do let me know how ideal client profiling helps you in your business.

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