Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Changing directions in your career

Do you feel stuck in your career? Do you feel like you need a change of direction? Do you want to do something new but are scared that you might not be able to go through with it? Today’s article will help you take that decision. 

If you feel like you are stuck or tied up, believe me, I can understand. I have seen many people facing that situation when it comes to the careers they have chosen. 
I have been there myself too. I was working as an architect, when I discovered quilting on a sabbatical. but it took me five years to be sure that I wanted to actually make it into a career. Since then I have grown as a quilter. But recently I discovered that my main passion was to help others find their passion. And that led me to starting dobedobedo!!!
I help people to convert their passions to their careers. And being stuck is a very common situation that I see in the process. You feel you want to do something other than what they are doing at the time. But you are afraid to take the leap. And rightfully so. Sometimes, it might not be the most ideal situation. Especially if your career is helping you take up important financial responsibilities at home. 
So how do you know if you are ready? And what should you do to make the change smooth?
1. Step back and look again. The first thing you need to do is to step back and look at it from a different perspective. Sometimes the solution to your problem is not a change in career but something else within your life. Sometimes you are just plain bored. And a change of direction in career will not help you deal with it for a long time. You will get bored again. I highly recommend consulting a career coach (me!) at this time. I can help you analyse your strengths and come up with the decision. Changing a career is a big deal. So think it through before you take the leap. And once you are ready, give it all you have.
2. Be prepared for change. A lot is going to change when you change careers. Your income, your lifestyle, your routine even your stress levels. Be ready for the changes that this is going to bring. If it means leaving a well-paying job to start a business, get used to saving more money even before you actually put in your notice. If it means getting up early, start getting up early right now! Be prepared to feel rotten for a while. Our mind and body does not accept change easily. Give it enough time to adjust.
3. Visualise what you want. Create a picture of what you want your career to be like. Close your eyes at least once every day and imagine. Run a movie before your eyes of the life that could be yours after you make the change. Observe your reactions and feelings. Do you feel scared? Terrified? Feeling a little scared is okay, its even good – it helps you stay alert. Btu if you are downright terrified and that feeling in your stomach is not going away, you need to rethink your decision.
4. Do a trial run. If you are planning on starting a new business, I would highly recommend doing a trial run. You can work weekends on your new business while you still work your 9-to-5. If you plan on starting an online shop, I recommend making a few items and trying to sell them on Etsy first. Think of this like trying on clothes when you are shopping. You want to make sure that not just it fits, but it does not pinch you anywhere and that you are comfortable in it. 
5. Define your goals. Now that you’re sure what you want. Define your goals clearly. Be precise in your goal setting. Make sure you know clearly what you expect – only then can you start making it happen. Look at the big picture. Make sure all your intermediate goals are in alignment with your big picture.
6. Create a plan of action. Now that you have defined your goals, make an extensive list of things that will help you achieve them. Write every little one that you can think of. Make the plan as detailed as you can – it will make things easier for you. This, again, is a wonderful time to consult a career coach. Just drop me an email if you want me to help you do it. 
I hope my ideas will help you take your decision and make the change in your careers smooth!

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