Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Why did your goal fail?

How often have you set goals and worked hard to achieve them and yet, have faced failure? I have. Many times. There are many instances where I have worked hard a diligently, but it has got me absolutely nowhere.

When I spent a little time thinking about why it happened, it also made me realize what I could do to change it and achieve success with my next one. Today I’m going to focus on 3 most common reasons I saw recurring in my own failures.
Unrealistic estimation. I realized that I always over or under-estimated myself. When I look at what I can do in a day, I usually over-estimate myself. I put too many things on my list and end up feeling bad when I cannot check them off. I make a to-do list and mentally make up the deadlines throughout the day. It will take me an hour to write a blog post and then 10 more minutes to edit the required images. In reality, it takes me close to 90 minutes just to get started before I decide the tone is all wrong and I just press Ctrl+A and delete! So at the end of 3 hours, I am done with the writing, but need another 90 minutes to find the right images and another 90 to edit them. Now when I look at the clock and see that the whole day went by and I did not complete the 4 other blog posts I was supposed to finish today, I get deflated and just give up altogether. When I think of my business growth, I realize I usually under-estimate myself. More often than not, I am much beyond my own personal growth goals by the end of the year. I did find a great solution for this problem. Now I think with a timeline of one week / month/ quarter. I do not set daily goals; I rather choose my focus for the week to achieve monthly goals. If I do not write the blog posts on time, I can always back-date them! On my CEO day, as I like to call it, which is the first Wednesday of every month, I take time to make a list of topics I would like to write about on my blog. This is usually a very rough framework and my focus is on writing 3 posts a week. I just make a list of topics against the dates in my bullet journal. I then spend at least 90 minutes every day writing about any topic that appeals to me THAT day or time. Sometimes, I just find my mo-jo and write 5 posts in an evening. Sometimes, I struggle through the introduction. But my goal is usually achieved and I have 12 posts posted on my blog in a month. I also usually work in advance. So while you are reading this in May, I am already working on my June posts.
Not believing in myself. A lot of times, I have set goals, especially when it comes to financial ones, and failed at them because deep in my mind I have believed that I don’t deserve it. I have been working on my mind-blocks and I think I am getting over them. It is a struggle. I need to remind myself that I am worthy! I am as valuable. I find that while I do not struggle to price my physical goods – the quilts I make or the in-person workshops that I take – I do struggle with pricing my online services and feel that I have over-priced them. I had a really hard time pricing my eBook. While I made a lot of sales at the $24.99 price, I had to struggle to remind myself that it isn’t about how much I have spent to write it, but about the value of the content that I am offering. Now I just think if I would pay that amount for the item if I had the money and needed it. It usually helps me price my products and services better and also boosts my self-esteem.
Not having a plan. Before reading about the concept of SMART goals, I had totally no idea what I was doing. I was randomly deciding things like I want to grow my business or I want to earn more money but had no clarity or means to measure them. I researched a lot of goal setting techniques and then came up with my own which, since then, has worked flawlessly for me. You can join the masterclass that I am teaching to learn the technique that I have developed from my experience. Believe me, it works. To sign up, you can just email me.Do you also struggle with achieving your goals? Have you ever thought about the WHY? How can knowing the reasons help you? Did you find my tips helpful? Do you have one of your own? I would love to know. Just drop me a line in the comments section below.

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