Monday, July 19, 2021

Discover your Purpose : Three easy steps to to find what you were meant to do

Determining what we were born to do is not at all easy. But we are all curious about it. Finding our purpose in life can be the biggest moment for all of us! So how can you go about it? How can you find your purpose in life?

Today I am going to give you 3 steps that will help you discover your life purpose.

There are three steps to the process of discovering the purpose of your life:

Understanding the principle of choice

Choice -is the most important gift that you have got, because when you  make a choice, you announce your desires to your own subconscious mind. And once the subconscious mind is aware of your desires, it makes it your goal. And if you are sincere in pursuing your goal, there is no reason you should not be able to accomplish it!

But indecision or not choosing, will only create frustration and anxiety for you. It will confuse your subconscious mind about what your true desire is. This is also true when you are doing something because someone else told you to. When you say "My heart is not in it." That is the time you should truly listen to what your heart says to you. 

Your first step towards finding your true purpose, is to find out your true desire - believe me, they are connected! 

Take a notebook and answer the following questions: 
  1. What are the things you love?
  2. What are the things that you enjoy the most?
  3. What are the things that make you feel better when situations start going out of your hand?
  4. What are the things that inspire you to move ahead, even in hard times?
  5. Do you like doing something creative or artistic? What is it?
  6. Do you enjoy nature? Whats is the part of nature that you love the most?
  7. Do you like the sea or the mountains? Describe how you feel near it.
  8. Do you enjoy helping others? How often do you get to do it? How do you feel after helping someone?
  9. Do you get pleasure from making a difference in other people's lives?
After writing this, you will have a list of things that you love to do. Now look at that list and answer the following questions for each one of them:

  1. What thing do you love to do?
  2. What is it that you love in this thing and why?
  3. How could you do this for money, and make a living out of it?

Creating Your Underlying Principle

After you have answered those questions the next step is to find out if there is a recurring theme. Maybe it is the contribution to the society that keeps coming up, or the desire to seek or give love, or helping old people cope with the set of problems that arise due to age. Whatever it is, try to identify the central theme of the things that give you real pleasure in life. 

And now, get ready to create your mission statement - by putting the central theme in a short precise statement. It may even be a quote by a famous person, or a philosophy that has influenced you. Of course, as you grow up, this statement could evolve, but its soul will remain the same. 

Now, write down your Mission Statement.

Aligning Your LIFE With Your Underlying Principle

Coming now to the final step. It is now time to create a pathway to your purpose and begin implementing changes to align your daily life with your purpose - or your Mission statement. By making little changes in your life, you will be able to begin to live your life according to your mission statement. Its not going to happen overnight, but being intentional in the way you live your life, will definitely make some wonderful and welcome difference to your enthusiasm to live! 

How can you make those changes? 

If you find that you love being amidst nature - plan out a holiday in the middle of it. It could be a camping trip with your kids.
If helping others is your thing, then start to look for opportunities to volunteer in your community.
Sometimes, doing this process might even result in you getting a new job or even starting your own business that is more in line with your mission statement.

So there it is! By following the steps outlined above, you will be on your way to finding and living out your purpose. 
As you go through this process, just remember,

“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.”
Steve Maraboli

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

My story - from an architect to a quilter to, now, a life coach

 Everyone asks me, who are you? And did you decide to become a life coach? Today I am going to share my story with you. A complete raw, honest and heartfelt story. So take a cup of your favorite beverage, or a glass, sit back and join me as I go through my journey!

I was born into an entrepreneurial family, one where back in 1959 - when women did not even dare to step out of their homes - my grandmother ran a shop. She was soon joined by my aunt and then my uncle as they grew up. We even had a small shop in the front room of our house when we were growing up.

I was 15 when I first became an entrepreneur. I had a product (Diwali Lanterns), a manufacturing team (yours truly), a source to get the raw material cheaper (my uncle's shop), sales team (my three brothers) and a sales strategy (asking my littlelest brother to approach the customer and making sure that he looked malnourished - wasnt hard as he was very thin, we just made him wear the middle one's shirt so that he looked thinner!) We also invested our money in firecrackers that year! It was a fun venture and I still have amazing memories of seeing the smiles on my little brothers' faces!

Five years before that, at the age of 10 I had decided to become an architect. I loved a house near mine. And it belonged to an architect. I came to know that architects design homes and I wanted to live in a beautiful home - that was my motivation at the age of 10 - to be an architect! I became one in 2001. After working with a legendary architect in my town for an year - the same one whose house I loved - I went on to start my own practice under the name Niti Consultants. I worked on over 20 projects independently and was absolutely loving my life.

In 2004, I met Mr Right. Though it was an arranged marriage, I knew he was the one the moment I met him; so did he. He got married in 2005 and I moved to a town 100 km away from mine. I still continued working on my projects from before my marriage. Niti Consultants changed to Shruti Dandekar and Associates as Shruti Pandit became Shruti Dandekar. Life was new and exciting. But my practice was a total failure in the new town. So I went back to work with another legendary architect in this town. Till date he remains my biggest supporter and my mentor.

2007, my wonderful son was born. Things changed. The rainbow started to disappear. Life was  no more exciting. It felt like dark clouds surrounded me all the time. I loved my son, but I really appreciated help that I got in the form of a maid to look after him. I did not even realize that I was depressed. In 2009 I finally started therapy after realizing that things are going too far when I started having suicidal thoughts. Later I realized it was post-partum depression. 

I took a sabbatical from my career to pull myself together. During this phase, I accidently discovered quilting. And I fell in love. Life was beautiful and exciting once again. I was working from home looking after my son while I created artwork through the medium of quilting. As my son grew, so did my passion for quilting and my talent too. Soon I went from being an unknown quilter in a quaint little town in India, to be sort of a quilting sew-lebrity. I made the quilt I was  born to make - the Shivarajyabhishek - a 19 feet x 8 feet - 7 kg quilt made with 22,888 pieces in January 2019. After that I started feeling burn-out. Nothing that I made excited me. I loved quilting, but I started having trouble coming up with ideas to monetize and I knew I should change my focus.

I started focusing on teaching more than making and I started enjoying it once again. My 2020-21 calendar was filled with teaching gigs all over the world. I went to Chicago and Austin i n February 2020. I came back to a world that was totally different than the one I had left. As people started realizing the magnitude of the virus, events started getting cancelled and my calendar started emptying. I did not enjoy teaching online - as I feel that quilting is a  tactile medium. So I decided to take my second sabbatical.

I spent the first lockdown making masks and donating and selling them. I donated over 10000 masks to the district police and many more to so many people that I have lost the count. But that was not something that gave me satisfaction. So after 4 months, I handed all he material over to my friend and diverted all mask enquiries to her.

During this time, I started looking for a work at home opportunity, as my pockets had also started emptying just like my calendar. Fortunately, I got a job at a leading edutech and started  teaching coding to little kids. I do enjoy my job, but I also knew it right from the beginning that this is not my purpose.

During this  time, all the free time I got, I spent a lot of time in retrospection. During one of my journaling sessions, I had to write about "Am I happy?" I kept thinking and realized that I have always been happy. Even when my business was  not doing well. Even when I was going through depression. Even when I was working 18-20 hours a day. Even when I was away from my family for major milestones like 10th anniversary or my son's 10th birthday, and 12th and13th. Even when Mr Right did not seem to be that. Even when I lost 80% of my stuff when my studio was flooded. I was happy because I was always doing  something that I was passionate about! My passion was my purpose during that time. And it always gave me immense happiness.

That was the light bulb moment for me. I felt as if suddenly the path in front of me was  lit up in fairy lights! I knew what my purpose was. Having just crossed the big 4-0 s and venturing into my 42nd year, I felt as if it was time I passed on my knowledge that I have gained through over 20 years (actually 26 years) of being an entrepreneur. I got certified to become a Life Purpose Coach. And now I help others find their guiding light. Help them find their purpose - which helps them stay smiling and fills their life with abundance.

I offer coaching in group programs  as well as one-on-one sessions. I will write more about my programs very soon. Sign up for my newsletter when the form pops up to stay in touch if you haven't already. And most important grab my FREE Take decision worksheet to find out if your BIG idea is worth it!