Friday, June 18, 2021

Failure : Turn it into your first step to success

We all fail. I have failed, numerous times, and at some point you will too. It is what you do after that matters. Today I will talk about how you can make your failures work for you.

You have worked hard on your business. And in spite of pouring in everything you had you failed. Be it a failure to sell your stuff in the craft fair, or not being able to achieve your goals. Here's what you can do to not just help you deal with failure, but learn from it and turn it around into your biggest success.
1. Accept it. The first thing you need to do after you have failed is accepting your failure. Accept that things did not go as you thought they would. Own it up. Do not blame anyone or anything else (we will analyse the failure later). Once you have accepted the failure you will be better prepared for your success.
2. Don't make it personal. Remember every moment that even though what you have done failed - your actions - its not you who failed. Separate yourself from your failure and then you will be able to look at it with a more critical approach.
3. Look at it from a bird's eye view. First, learn to look at it in a disconnected manner - like it is someone else's problem. Now analyse it to find the why. Make a list of all the reasons you come up with.
4. Look for solutions. Now look at your list and find multiple solutions for every situation. Were your products too costly for the crowd at the craft fair? What can you do to reduce the cost? Were you not able to promote your webinar on social media? Can you create a strategy to do that or maybe hire someone to do that? Find multiple solutions for each of the reasons.
5. Learn from it. Now make a list of changes that you can make right now based on your findings that will prevent the same kind of failures in the future. And then, implement them, right now.
6. Do not dwell on it. Don't spend your time thinking about your failure. Look forward to implementing the changes and seeing yourself succeed. Do not let the negativity pull you down. Like you would do when you fall down while walking, get up, dust off the dirt, look at why you fell and keep walking ahead.
I am hoping my six-point plan will help you get over your recent failure and gear up for success in your business ahead. Is there anything else you might want to add?